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Here Comes Forever: Getting Married Is Just the Beginning

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Here Comes Forever: Getting Married Is Just the Beginning
Here Comes Forever: Getting Married Is Just the Beginning

On Nia and Zuri's picturesque wedding day, joy radiated as they committed before loved ones to build a life together. But once the decorations come down and routine sets in, lasting marriage requires actively nurturing intimacy.

A wedding marks just the first step in an ongoing journey. As you plan your ceremony and reception, focus on infusing meaning versus chasing extravagance. Here are ways to thoughtfully celebrate your transition to forever:

Prioritize the Ceremony

Splurge on elements enhancing the exchanging of vows, not just the reception. Invest in an excellent officiant whose words resonate. Personalize rituals like unity candles or sand ceremonies. Add live music during the service if possible. The ceremony is the spiritual essence - make it profoundly moving.

Write Meaningful Vows

Template vows feel generic. Instead, really reflect on the promises you want to make to each other. Weave in meaningful memories, hopes for the future, appreciation for their support. Share these intimate vows privately before the big day. Reciting words crafted straight from your hearts will be incredibly powerful.

Select a Venue with Sentiment

Consider places with personal significance like where you got engaged, had an early date, shared your first kiss, etc. Or choose a spot embodying what you love together - a vineyard, museum, or botanical garden. Let your location represent your relationship.

Incorporate Cultural Traditions

Find ways to respectfully honor your families’ backgrounds through attire, cuisine, music, or ritual. Blend traditions meaningful to you into a customized ceremony. This shows love and appreciation for those who shaped you. Just ensure choices align with your values as a couple.

Savor Simple Moments

Don’t get so caught up in reception fanfare that you forget to be fully present. In quiet moments like your first look, the limo ride, waiting in the wings, and first dance, take it all in. Cherish small shared glances and auras of calm before the beautiful chaos.

Focus Photos on Connection

Posing stiffly produces stale photos. Instead, dance, walk, embrace. Whisper continuously how much you adore each other. Let images genuinely reflect your affection, playfulness, and warmth. These joyful candids will be timeless keepsakes.

Give a Heartfelt Speech

Moving speeches emphasize your relationship journey, not flattery. Share funny private memories and quirks you adore. Express gratitude for those who guided you here. Articulate promises about deepening love in the years ahead. Prioritize emotional impact over humorous anecdotes.

Unplug from Devices

Truly savoring each moment together requires full attentiveness. Encourage guests to silence phones, tuck away cameras during key events, and live stream discreetly if at all. The ceremony and first dance deserve your absorbed focus, not device distraction.

Spotlight Simple Touches

Thoughtfully crafted details shine. Write love notes to read while getting ready. Display photos symbolizing your history. Provide shuttle service to ease logistics. Gift welcome bags with personalized favors. Infuse little accents with big love.

Protect Your Marriage

Amidst the whirlwind, reconnect privately often - a lingering hug, quick hand squeeze, shared smile. Remind yourselves this day marks just the start of something extraordinary you will build together. Vow to keep your relationship the priority beyond just wedding bliss.


A meaningful wedding goes beyond extravagance - it authentically honors your unique love story. So infuse it with intimate details, deep respect, personalized rituals and profound joy.

Most importantly, remember that your ceremony represents just the first verse of a lifelong love song. After the magic of the day fades, you must actively nurture intimacy and selflessly care for each other when life turns mundane or difficult.

Approach your wedding as the opening act to an epic production, not the grand finale. Thoughtfully celebrate this milestone, then begin your marriage determined to craft something far greater than just one perfect day - a lifetime of compassion, patience and unwavering commitment.

That Love Podcast's Serendipity's Embrace was voiced by the charming and quick-witted Justine Leah Hince, and scripted by the sappy romantic Joao Nsita. This destined love story is like a modern fairy tale come to life. If you'd like more meet-cutes voiced by Justine, check out her sweeping sagas The Bodyguard and The Chateau. Plus, keep your ears open for her star-crossed new series Field of Dreams, fated for your headphones this September.

Justin Leah Hince
That Love Podcast's Justin Leah Hince

You can listen to the episode below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we incorporate religious elements respectfully if we have different faiths?

A: Focus on universally spiritual rituals. Emphasize faith in your love and unity. Consider an interfaith officiant. Adapt traditional vows to align with your beliefs as a couple.

Q: What should we do if family members try to invite many extra guests?

A: Politely cap numbers if your budget is tight. Explain you want an intimate event focused on closest friends/family. Compromise by inviting additional folks just to the reception or ceremony.

Q: Is it rude not to allow plus ones if I don't know someone's partner well?

A: Your event, your rules! But expect some declines from serious partners. If budget allows, make exceptions for established couples to avoid hurt feelings.

Q: How do we prepare for conflicts as newlyweds after the honeymoon glow fades?

A: Discuss strategies while still engaged, like always assuming good intentions, regular check-ins on the relationship, and balancing space/togetherness. Prioritizing intimacy will help weather conflicts.

Q: What are creative alternatives if we don't want a big reception?

A: Mini destination ceremony, brunch/dinner in a favorite restaurant, backyard potluck, intimate vow exchange at meaningful location, week-long adventure elopement - do what fits you!

Dive deeper into Nia and Zuri’s love story by listening to the latest episode of That Love Podcast! Hear all about their beautiful wedding day and journey into marriage. Find That Love Podcast on your favorite podcast platform or visit

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