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Joao Nsita - The Writer


Skilled and experienced writer, producer, and director with over 13 years of experience creating compelling film, television, and podcast content. Brings passion for storytelling and ability to develop multi-layered narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. Excels at world-building and crafting unique narrative voices.

Joao was raised by a single mother in North London. Growing up, he developed a passion for football (soccer) and comedy. His earliest memory is watching the sitcom Keeping Up Appearances and WCW wrestling with his late mother. Joao is neurodivergent, and his unique perspective infuses his emotive storytelling style, blending drama with splashes of humor. He relishes the opportunity to sneak a pop culture joke into even the most serious debates. Joao's writing often explores themes of relationships and belonging, and he aims to impart valuable life lessons to his audience that will resonate in their daily lives.

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