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The Art of the Proposal: How to Make It Personal and Memorable

When Zuri surprised Nia with a fairy tale proposal in Paris, it demonstrated his creativity and dedication to their love. But well before the champagne and roses, they built a foundation of intimate trust that allowed forever to feel possible.

While extravagant gestures wow momentarily, a lasting marriage requires sincerity and conscious choice. As you consider popping the question, here are tips for an authentic, thoughtful proposal:

Discuss Marriage Openly

Have ongoing conversations about what lifelong commitment means to each of you. Share dreams about family, careers, travel and lifestyle. Discuss timing, finances, religious beliefs, raising kids. Ensure you’re aligned on major issues before proposing. A surprise proposal should never be the first marriage discussion.

Plan a Personalized Proposal

Make the proposal uniquely meaningful to your relationship. Incorporate nostalgic locations like your first date spot, favorite hiking trail or mutual beloved bookstore. Share a personalized video. Coordinate friends and family to surprise them. Build on inside jokes or sweet memories only you two understand. A customized proposal shows love and thoughtfulness.

Emphasize the Emotional

Lavish rings and scripted speeches have their place, but emphasize the relational significance over material extravagance. Speak genuinely from the heart about why they’re your perfect partner. Highlight how they’ve helped you grow into your best self. Share hopes for the road ahead. Authentic emotion conveys devotion.

Consider Their Preferences

Some prefer huge public spectacles while others want intimacy. Know your partner’s comfort level — a flashy arena jumbotron proposal may overwhelm an introvert. Prioritize celebrating your relationship over wowing observers. A heartfelt proposal delivered privately carries more weight than a showy stunt.

Time it Thoughtfully

Propose during a period of relational stability, not on the heels of major stress or conflict. Make sure life logistics like finishing school or financial issues won’t quickly overshadow engagement bliss. And know that no timing is perfect, so don’t obsess. When it feels sincere, take the leap.

Prepare Without Pressure

Approach the proposal with hope rather than pressure. Your partner has every right to graciously decline if they aren’t ready. Be mentally prepared for unexpected reactions. Ultimately marrying you should be their choice, not an obligation. An earnest no just means it wasn’t the right time yet.

Make Post-Proposal Plans

The proposal marks the beginning of a new chapter, so discuss what comes next. Set a general wedding timeline and budget. Brainstorm fun announcement ideas. Research premarital counseling options. Start shaping shared future goals. Don’t let all the momentum immediately fade away after the ring exchange.

Avoid Comparisons

Don’t worry if your proposal doesn’t seem Pinterest-perfect or magazine-worthy. Let go of imagined expectations. There is no ideal, just what authentically fits your relationship. Focus on personal meaning over chasing appearances. Your imperfectly perfect proposal will provide a treasured lifelong memory.

Know True Partnership Takes Daily Effort

An emotional proposal marks just one moment in time. Remember that real marriage is choosing each other every day in big and tiny ways. Fight to stay curious about your partner. Prioritize intimacy. Allow yourself to be truly seen, flaws and all. The wedding is just the very first day in a lifelong partnership requiring active dedication.


A heartfelt proposal kickstarts an exciting period of planning your future together. But never forget that your relationship itself is the priceless gem. An elaborate ring, picture-perfect locale or elaborate staging mean far less than the vulnerability, trust and history you already share.

Let your proposal reflect the deep essence of your bond. Speak to the quirks and qualities that light you up from within. Focus your gaze not on spectators, but your beloved. In the end, all that matters is two souls, ready to vow their lives to one another. Treasure that sacred gift above all else.

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That Love Podcast's Serendipity's Embrace was voiced by the charming and quick-witted Justine Leah Hince, and scripted by the sappy romantic Joao Nsita. This destined love story is like a modern fairy tale come to life. If you'd like more meet-cutes voiced by Justine, check out her sweeping sagas The Bodyguard and The Chateau. Plus, keep your ears open for her star-crossed new series Field of Dreams, fated for your headphones this September.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I'm unsure whether my partner will say yes? Should I still propose?

A: Have open conversations about marriage first. Propose only if you both communicate readiness for lifelong commitment. Don't propose hoping to sway their decision later.

Q: How can I plan a creative proposal on a tight budget?

A: Outdoor locations are free. Make food instead of dining out. Give sentimental gifts from the heart like love letters or photo albums. It's about meaningful intention over expensive gestures.

Q: Is proposing at a family holiday meal too much pressure?

A: It depends! Some love involving family in that special moment. But others may prefer more intimacy. Consider your partner's personality and preferences about public displays.

Q: Should I ask their parents' permission before proposing?

A: Some still value this tradition, but others find it outdated. Focus on what your partner would consider meaningful. Your marriage is ultimately your mutual decision.

Q: Where can I discreetly find their ring size?

A: Casually try on their existing rings on your pinky finger to gauge size. Or sneak a ring they wear onto your own finger to a jeweler to measure. Just don't ruin the surprise!

Q: What if I'm turned down? How do I recover emotionally?

A: Allow yourself to feel disappointed, but avoid pressuring them. Seek to understand their hesitations. Strengthen your relationship further before proposing again. With patience, you can reestablish confidence.

Dive deeper into Nia and Zuri’s love story by listening to the latest episode of That Love Podcast! Hear how Zuri surprises Nia with a magical proposal in Paris. Find That Love Podcast on your favorite podcast platform or visit

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