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Letting Love In: Overcoming Fear of Getting Hurt Again

On this week’s throwback episode of That Love Podcast's Five Minute Shorts, we check back in with exes Haley and Luke, whose romantic journey has been filled with twists and turns.

Last episode ended with Haley rejecting Luke’s pleas to date again, afraid to risk her heart. But Haley has a change of heart and asks Luke to pretend they’re together to please her visiting grandmother.

Luke refuses, still hurt that Haley crushed his hopes after her grandmother offered him a family ring, expecting a proposal.

Eventually Luke agrees to help, but insists he needs patience from Haley as she works through her fears about love. Let’s break down what we can all learn from Haley’s emotional walls and journey back to vulnerability.

Love Requires Bravery

Opening ourselves in love always involves fear. Haley’s caution is understandable after having her trust broken previously. But walls that protect us from pain also prevent us from intimacy.

True love requires bravery to stand in the unknown and chance getting hurt again. Haley must gather her courage and dismantle her defenses slowly.

Healing is Nonlinear

People often expect healing to be linear – consistently forward progress. But Haley moves one step forward, two steps back. She pushes Luke away, then pursues him again. This rollercoaster is normal. Healing happens in spirals, not straight lines.

Ask For What You Need

Haley’s mistake was rejecting Luke outright instead of communicating her needs. She required time and patience. We must know and voice our boundaries. Let people in on your journey.

Listen To Your Intuition

When Haley asks for another chance, Luke insists she date him for the right reasons, not just to get something. Haley acknowledges she isn’t ready for love yet. Her intuition knows best where she is emotionally. Trust it.

Reciprocity and Compromise

Luke agrees to help Haley, but only once she hears his needs too. True partnership requires compromise. Get on the same page about pace and expectations. Make space for both people’s vulnerabilities.

Empathy Heals

Luke is deeply hurt when Haley changes course. But he digs deep for empathy, recognizing she’s been through trauma. Giving each other grace unravels resentment. Lead with compassion.

Let Go Of Judgment

It’s tempting to judge Haley for sending Luke mixed signals. But it’s crucial we release judgment of ourselves and others for needing time, being unsure, and making mistakes. We are all learning as we go.

Baby Steps Count

Major breakthroughs are rare. More often, healing happens through small, courageous steps - Haley being honest about her feelings, Luke listening without anger. Progress inches along.

Celebrate baby steps.

The Past Doesn’t Dictate The Future

Haley’s past heartbreak impacted her availability, but the future hasn’t been written. The past is a teacher, not a life sentence. What’s meant for you cannot be kept from you. Release old narratives.

Here are some questions for reflecting on opening your heart after hurt:

  • What past relationship patterns or fears do I need to explore?

  • Where can I make space for more love and vulnerability, even if it’s scary?

  • How can I communicate my needs and boundaries to new partners?

  • Am I being patient with myself and my journey? Where do I need more self-compassion?

No journey is perfectly smooth, including love. Haley and Luke’s story proves there will be stumbles as we move toward greater intimacy, but the only failure is giving up. My wish for all those overcoming hurt is continued courage, empathy and baby steps forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My ex wants to get back together but keeps hurting me. What should I do?

A: End it for good. Patterns seldom change without major self-work. You deserve someone consistently trustworthy. Make a clean break to heal.

Q: How can I learn to trust new partners after dysfunctional relationships?

A: Vet prospects thoroughly. Take it very slowly, keeping things low stakes initially. Make sure words align with actions. Don’t ignore red flags or try to “fix” them.

Q: Is it better to be friends or cut contact with an ex?

A: Depends on the relationship and people. A clean break often helps you heal fastest. But friendship can work if the bond was supportive and contact is healthy. Listen to your needs.

Q: What if my family pushes me to reconcile with an ex I'm unsure about?

A: Kindly but firmly set boundaries. Make clear it's your decision. Follow your own heart and instincts. You know the relationship best.

For more of Haley and Luke's journey, visit That Love Podcast and our relationships blog.


There comes a pivotal moment in healing when we must dare to lean in, even if the heart still hurts. Haley's choice to reconnect with Luke, while risky, shows the power of moving through fear. On the other side is an intimacy she can't yet imagine. To all those overcoming past pain, have courage. The love you long for is ready when you are.

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