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Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score | Book Review

Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score | Book Review

Returning to the charming small town of Knockemout in Things We Hide From the Light, Lucy Score delivers a compelling sequel that surpasses its predecessor. The narrative revolves around Nash, a wounded and vulnerable hero navigating a dark period in his life. The introduction of a fierce and fiery woman, Lina, adds a layer of complexity to Nash's journey toward healing.

Set in Knockemout, the story captures the essence of community bonding, a theme integral to the series. While it can be enjoyed as a standalone, the interconnectedness of characters enhances the reading experience. The romance takes center stage, offering readers a scintillating slow burn with palpable chemistry and sexual tension. Watching the opposites attract and fall for each other is both captivating and enjoyable.

The plot unfolds with Nash, a cop recovering from a recent gunshot wound suffered on duty. Nash, known for his rule-following nature and kind demeanor, undergoes a transformation after the traumatic incident. The arrival of Lina, his brother's past flame, in the apartment next door disrupts Nash's routine. Lina, aware of her temporary stay, expects to avoid any emotional entanglements. However, Nash finds himself drawn to her spirited personality, sparking a connection that neither can ignore.

The story delves into darker and grittier themes, adding depth to Nash's character. The exploration of Nash's mental health is a commendable aspect, providing a realistic portrayal of his struggles. Lina serves as a source of light in Nash's life, contributing to the emotional intensity of the narrative. The transformation of both characters throughout the story adds depth to the love story, making it truly engaging.

Lucy Score skillfully navigates the complexities of relationships, portraying two characters who, under different circumstances, might not have connected. The narrative balances emotional depth with humor, creating a story that resonates with readers. The focus on Nash's mental health, while commendable, leaves a desire for even more exploration, showcasing the impact on his character.

The setting of Knockemout serves as a backdrop, contributing to the small-town charm, although it does not play a significant role in the narrative. The tight-knit community and familiar scenes add warmth to the story, making it a delightful return for readers familiar with the series.

In summary, Things We Hide From the Light emerges as a noteworthy romance novel, surpassing the expectations set by its predecessor. The dynamic characters, engaging romance, and exploration of deeper themes contribute to a satisfying reading experience. Lucy Score's narrative expertise shines through, promising an exciting continuation of the series. This sequel is a testament to Score's ability to craft compelling love stories within the interconnected world of Knockemout.

Book Review Criteria:

  • Plot and Character Development: 5 stars

  • Romance and Chemistry: 5 stars

  • Exploration of Themes: 4 stars

  • Setting and Atmosphere: 4 stars

  • Overall Enjoyment: 5 stars

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for "Things We Hide From the Light" by Lucy Score

Q1: Is "Things We Hide From the Light" a standalone novel or part of a series?

  • A1: "Things We Hide From the Light" is part of a series and serves as a sequel to "Things We Never Got Over." While it can be enjoyed on its own, the interconnected nature of the series enhances the reading experience.

Q2: Can I read "Things We Hide From the Light" without reading the first book in the series?

  • A2: Yes, you can read this novel as a standalone. However, reading the first book, "Things We Never Got Over," provides additional context and familiarity with the town of Knockemout and its characters.

Q3: What is the main focus of the story in "Things We Hide From the Light"?

  • A3: The narrative primarily follows Nash, a cop recovering from a gunshot wound, and his evolving relationship with Lina, a woman from his brother's past. The story explores themes of healing, vulnerability, and the complexities of love.

Q4: Does the book delve into specific themes or issues?

  • A4: Yes, the book addresses themes such as mental health, healing from trauma, and the intricacies of personal relationships. Nash's struggles with his mental health add depth to the storyline.

Q5: Is "Things We Hide From the Light" a standalone romance, or does it include other genres?

  • A5: The novel is primarily a romance, featuring a slow-burn relationship between the main characters. While romance is central, elements of suspense contribute to the overall narrative.

Q6: How would you describe the setting of the book?

  • A6: The story is set in the small town of Knockemout, Virginia. The town's charm and close-knit community provide a backdrop for the characters' relationships. However, the focus remains on the characters and their personal journeys.

Q7: Are there recurring characters from the previous book in the series?

  • A7: Yes, readers can expect to encounter characters from the first book, "Things We Never Got Over." The interconnected nature of the series allows for the return of familiar faces, contributing to the continuity of the storyline.

Q8: Does "Things We Hide From the Light" balance romance with other story elements?

  • A8: The novel strikes a balance between the central romance plot and other story elements. While the focus is on Nash and Lina's relationship, the narrative explores deeper themes, adding complexity to the characters' journeys.

Q9: Does the book end with a cliffhanger?

  • A9: Without revealing spoilers, the book provides a satisfying conclusion to the central romance plot. Readers can enjoy the resolution of Nash and Lina's story while anticipating potential developments in future books in the series.

Q10: Is Lucy Score planning additional books in the Knockemout series?

  • A10: While specific details about future books are not addressed in this FAQ, Lucy Score has created an engaging series with interconnected characters. Readers can look forward to potential new love stories set in the town of Knockemout.


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