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March 2024: Celebrate Queer Stories: Your Guide to March's Hottest LGBTQ+ Fiction

Updated: Mar 6

The literary landscape is vibrant and diverse this March, as publishers release a dazzling array of queer adult fiction. From tales of self-discovery and sizzling romance to captivating mysteries with a queer twist, these eight eagerly awaited titles promise to capture our imaginations and leave a lasting impact.

Mysteries Where the Stakes Are High and the Cast is Colorful

Cirque du Slay by Rob Osler

  • Cirque du Slay by Rob Osler (March 5th): Imagine the glitz of Cirque du Soleil infused with the intrigue of a classic whodunnit. Seattle teacher Hayden McCall and his best friend Hollister's routine fundraising event takes a deadly turn when a celebrity performer is murdered. Amidst feuding acrobats and overzealous staff, Hayden and Hollister must clear their friend's name and unmask a killer with a talent for the dramatic. Get ready for a whirlwind of sequins, secrets, and unexpected twists.

Blessed Water by Margot Douaihy
  • Blessed Water by Margot Douaihy (March

  • 12th): Our favorite punk nun-sleuth, Sister Holiday, returns! When a priest's murder coincides with a torrential downpour stranding her within her New Orleans community, Sister Holiday must use her unorthodox methods to untangle a web of suspicion. Equal parts gritty and heartwarming, this novel delves into themes of faith, redemption, and the fierce protectiveness Sister Holiday holds for her flock.

Journeys of Identity and Finding Your Place

Ellipses by Vanessa Lawrence
  • Ellipses by Vanessa Lawrence (March 5th): This poignant novel spotlights magazine writer Lily as she navigates a career in flux and the challenges of being a bisexual woman of color. When an influential cosmetics mogul takes Lily under her wing, Lily hopes for career advancement, but finds herself increasingly adrift as her mentor's worldview conflicts with her own sense of self. This moving story touches on ambition, authenticity, and the subtle prejudices many queer people of color face daily.

These Letters End in Tears by Musih Tedji Xaviere
  • These Letters End in Tears by Musih Tedji Xaviere (March 12th): In a country where same-sex love is criminalized, a passionate connection blossoms between Bessem and Fatima. But societal forces and a devastating police raid drive them apart, leaving only rumors of Fatima's fate. Over a decade later, Bessem embarks on a quest to find her lost love, confronting echoes of the past and grappling with the sacrifices required for a fulfilling life as a queer woman.

Really Cute People by Markus Harwood-Jones
  • Really Cute People by Markus Harwood-Jones (March 12th): Seeking escape from burnout, non-binary protagonist Charlie Dee takes a work trip to the countryside, only to get snowed in with a chaotic yet loving family. Unexpected sparks ignite with both Hayden and Buffy, the parents, leading Charlie to explore polyamory's potential. This charming story explores healthy relationships, domestic bliss, and finding unexpected community.

Compelling Love Stories and Life Transformations

Mona of the Manor by Armistead Maupin
  • Mona of the Manor by Armistead Maupin (March 5th): In the tenth installment of the iconic Tales of the City series, Mona Ramsey finds herself an unlikely manor house owner in the English countryside. Faced with mounting bills and a quirky staff, Mona's life gets a joyous shake-up as her oldest friends return. Expect Maupin's signature blend of humor, warmth, and a celebration of chosen families.

Change: A Method by Edouard Louis
  • Change: A Method by Edouard Louis (March 5th): Award-winning French author Edouard Louis offers a candid autobiographical reflection on his relentless quest for transformation. From his working-class roots to literary acclaim, he examines the successes and failures shaped by his ambition and his identity as a gay man. This introspective journey promises to be both raw and intellectually stimulating.

Cover Story by Rachel Lacey
  • Cover Story by Rachel Lacey (March 26th): When a tabloid-fueled stalking incident rocks Hollywood star Natalie Keane's life, she agrees to hire around-the-clock protection under one condition: secrecy. Her bodyguard, Taylor, proposes a solution – they'll pretend to be girlfriends, providing a plausible excuse for their constant proximity. But navigating close quarters and convincing chemistry blurs the lines between fantasy and reality in this delicious mix of suspense and slow-burn romance.

Let the Reading Adventures Begin! Whether you're drawn to suspenseful mysteries, deeply personal narratives, or swoon-worthy romances, March promises a literary feast for queer readers. So, make yourself a cozy beverage, and prepare to lose yourself in these extraordinary tales!

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