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Fall Head Over Heels: 10 of the Best Romantic Comedy Fiction Podcasts

If you crave witty banter, hilarious mishaps, and those heartwarming happily-ever-after moments, romantic comedy fiction podcasts are the perfect way to get your fix. From classic meet-cutes to quirky rom-com twists, these fictional podcasts deliver delightful stories that are guaranteed to make you swoon and laugh out loud.

Here are ten of the most popular podcasts in the rom-com fiction genre:

1. Meet Cute

Meet Cute

This adorable podcast delivers a new, original 15-minute audio rom-com every week. "Meet Cute" features diverse scenarios with plenty of humor and heart. Each mini-story offers a satisfying shot of pure, lighthearted romance – perfect for a quick, feel-good break.

2. RomComPods


Created by two dedicated rom-com lovers, this podcast features a mix of audio dramas and discussions. The original audio dramas are a treat, with relatable characters, modern dating predicaments, and enough tropes to satisfy any true rom-com fan.

3. The Rom Com Rewind Podcast

The Rom Com Rewind Podcast

For those with a fondness for nostalgic favorites, "The Rom Com Rewind Podcast" offers a hilarious, insightful trip down memory lane. Each episode, two friends revisit a classic romantic comedy, dissect its key moments, and poke fun at all those iconic (and sometimes cringeworthy) rom-com tropes.

4. My Big Fat Rom Com Podcast

My Big Fat Rom Com Podcast

If you adore rom-coms and want to delve deeper into the genre, this podcast is for you. With in-depth discussions about themes, representation, and the enduring appeal of romantic comedies, you'll gain a richer perspective of these beloved films and leave feeling inspired.

5. That Love Podcast: Your Audio Rom-Com Escape

That Love Podcast: Your Audio Rom-Com Escape

Craving a quick dose of heartwarming romance? "That Love Podcast" delivers original audio rom-coms perfect for your commute or coffee break. With over 220 episodes, enjoy diverse love stories packed with witty banter, relatable characters, and satisfying happily-ever-afters. Consistent writing and a touch of recurring themes build a world you'll love revisiting. Escape the ordinary with "That Love Podcast"!

6. Romcomathon


"RomComathon" is the brainchild of two best friends who bonded over their mutual love for all things rom-com. Based on their popular blog, this podcast dissects some of your favorite romantic comedies from a fresh and humorous perspective.

7. RomCom Killjoys

RomCom Killjoys

Sometimes even rom-com fanatics need a place to vent. "RomCom Killjoys" offers a space to critique those cheesy tropes and problematic romances that make you cringe. With a healthy dose of humor and thoughtful analysis, this podcast deconstructs the genre while still celebrating its charm.

8. Fated Mates

Fated Mates

If you're looking for a deep dive into the world of romance novels, look no further than Fated Mates. Hosted by romance authors Sarah MacLean and Jen Prokop, the podcast explores the history and evolution of romance as a genre, as well as the tropes and themes that have made it so enduringly popular. Along the way, MacLean and Prokop offer insightful critiques of some of the most beloved romance novels of all time.

9. Bad Influencer

Bad Influencer

This serialized fiction podcast gives the rom-com genre a social media makeover. Filled with scandal, backstabbing, and a hilarious influencer at its core, "Bad Influencer" is a fresh, addictive audio drama that will keep you hooked with its surprising twists and turns.

10. Love and Luck

Love and Luck

Love and Luck is a podcast that follows the lives of two men, Jason and Kane, as they navigate the ups and downs of a new relationship. Set in Melbourne, Australia, the podcast features a diverse cast of characters and explores themes of love, acceptance, and community. With a unique format that includes ASMR and mindfulness exercises, "Love and Luck" is a refreshing take on queer romance in audio drama.


Romantic comedy podcasts offer a delightful escape into worlds where love conquers all, laughter abounds, and happy endings are guaranteed. With options ranging from bite-sized rom-coms to in-depth analyses, this genre has something to delight every romantic comedy fan.

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