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Book Review: I Remember Paris by Lucy Diamond

Book Review: I Remember Paris by Lucy Diamond

Review by Joao Nsita

There's something undeniably magnetic about a story set in Paris, the perennial city of love and lights. Lucy Diamond's "I Remember Paris" taps into this allure with a poignant and captivating narrative that promises to transport its readers right into the heart of this vibrant metropolis. Diamond, known for her emotionally rich and character-driven novels, does not disappoint with this latest offering.

The Premise

Jess Bright, the protagonist, is a single mother and journalist whose life feels as stagnant as a forgotten pond. When she is offered a job to ghostwrite the biography of the enigmatic and scandalous artist Adelaide Fox in Paris, Jess sees it not just as a career opportunity but as a chance to rekindle the embers of her own adventurous spirit. Adelaide, notorious for her tumultuous past and fiery relationships, is poised to lay bare her truths, which she promises will scorch the earth they fall upon.

Setting and Atmosphere

Diamond masterfully paints Paris with a brush steeped in realism and romanticism. Her descriptions of quaint cafes, bustling streets, and the serene banks of the Seine are vivid and evocative. Paris, as depicted through Diamond's lens, is a character in its own right—dynamic, beautiful, and enigmatic. This city promises new beginnings and old haunts, a perfect backdrop for a tale of rediscovery and reconciliation.

Characters and Relationships

Jess is relatable—a woman caught in the tide pools of life, unsure of the future yet hungry for change. Her journey is not just about geographical displacement from England to France; it is an internal voyage towards self-affirmation and renewal. Her interactions with Adelaide are tempestuous and charged with a raw intensity that makes every encounter between them crackle with anticipation. Adelaide, a tapestry of contradictions, is portrayed with depth and complexity. She is both the mentor and the antagonist in Jess's story, pushing her to confront her past and her own creative blockages.

The secondary characters, like Luc, Adelaide's charming and enigmatic nephew, and Jess’s daughter, add layers to the narrative, enriching the story’s emotional landscape. Their roles are not just peripheral; they catalyze growth and provide insights into the main characters’ lives.

Themes and Narratives

"I Remember Paris" is rich with themes of self-discovery, the art of forgiveness, and the pursuit of artistic truth. The narrative delves into what it means to truly love and be loved—to find connections that transcend the simplicity of romance and touch the essence of one's soul. It explores the complexities of mother-daughter relationships, the enduring bonds of old friendships, and the seductive power of new ones.

The novel also poses poignant questions about the price of art and the sacrifices made at its altar. Adelaide’s recounting of her life is not just a tale of glamour and downfall but a reflection on the sacrifices women make in the pursuit of their craft and autonomy.

Writing Style

Lucy Diamond’s prose is fluid and rich with sensory details. Her narrative style envelops you, warm and inviting, yet capable of delivering sharp jolts of reality. She balances the light with the dark, the past with the present, crafting a story that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

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"I Remember Paris" is a beautifully rendered tale of two women, worlds apart yet bound by their fierce determination to forge their own paths. It is a story about the beauty of a second chance, the redemption found in artistic expression, and the unbreakable spirit of women. Lucy Diamond has not only written a novel; she has crafted an experience that resonates with the heartaches and triumphs of life.

This book is an ode to Paris, to art, and to the resilience of women. It is a reminder that sometimes, in order to move forward, one must return to the places haunting their dreams. "I Remember Paris" is a must-read for anyone who believes in the power of change and the timeless allure of the City of Light.


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