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Book Review: His & Hers by Alice Feeney

Book Review: His & Hers by Alice Feeney

In the world of psychological thrillers, there are novels that promise twists and turns, and then there’s His & Hers by Alice Feeney. It does more than just deliver; it grabs you by the collar and pulls you through a labyrinth of chilling narratives, unreliable characters, and staggering revelations that leave you questioning everything and everyone. Feeney, who has already established herself as a master of the mind-game with titles like Sometimes I Lie and I Know Who You Are, reaches new heights of suspense and intricacy with this novel.

Setting the Scene: A Murder in a Sleepy Village

The quaint village of Blackdown becomes the epicenter of a thrilling murder investigation when a woman is found dead under gruesome circumstances. This isn’t just another murder mystery; it’s a psychological battleground where the past collides with the present, and old wounds are torn open in the most dramatic ways.

Dual Perspectives: Crafting the Perfect Whodunit

His & Hers presents a narrative ingeniously split between two main characters—Anna Andrews, a newsreader, and DCI Jack Harper. Each chapter alternates between their perspectives, providing a deliciously disorienting dance between their differing versions of the truth. As the plot unfolds, both Anna and Jack emerge as deeply complex characters, each shadowed by their murky pasts and entangled in a present that threatens to destroy their futures.

Anna, returning reluctantly to her hometown of Blackdown to cover the murder, finds herself caught in a web of personal connections and professional ethics. Meanwhile, Jack, tasked with solving the murder, must navigate a case that grows too personal, too quickly. The inclusion of a sinister third perspective—mysterious and anonymous—adds an extra layer of intrigue, thickening the plot and amplifying the suspense.

A Masterclass in Misdirection

Alice Feeney’s narrative prowess shines in her ability to mislead and manipulate not just her characters, but her readers. Every chapter ends on a knife-edge, compelling you to turn the page. Feeney’s skill in crafting a multi-layered story where every character could be both victim and villain is unmatched. As secrets unravel and loyalties are tested, the true genius of Feeney’s writing comes to the fore—her ability to keep you guessing until the very last page.

The psychological depth Feeney brings to "His & Hers" elevates it from a mere thriller to a profound exploration of the human psyche. The characters are flawed, their motives murky, and their truths never absolute. This exploration into the nature of truth and deception makes the novel not only thrilling but thought-provoking.

Themes as Dark as They Come

"His & Hers" delves into themes of love, betrayal, and the devastating effects of the past lurking in the shadows of the present. Feeney does not shy away from dark themes—childhood trauma, betrayal, and the corrosive nature of secrets—all woven seamlessly into the fabric of the plot. The atmospheric tension is palpable, with the setting of Blackdown providing a gloomy, almost Gothic backdrop to the unfolding drama.

A Culmination of Shocking Revelations

Without giving away any spoilers, the climax of His & Hers is a testament to Feeney’s brilliance as a thriller writer. The final revelations are not just shocking in their content but in their capacity to reframe the entire narrative, forcing you to reconsider everything you thought you understood about the characters and their motivations.

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Conclusion: A Must-Read

His & Hers by Alice Feeney is more than just a thriller; it's a meticulously crafted piece of psychological suspense that stands as a testament to Feeney’s mastery over the genre. It’s a book that not only entertains but haunts you long after you’ve turned the last page. For those who love their thrillers with a heavy dose of psychological insight and heart-pounding suspense, "His & Hers" is a journey you’ll want to take. Prepare to be enthralled, mystified, and ultimately, astonished.


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