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Nine Month Contract by Amy Daws: A Romcom Gem That Will Make You Laugh, Swoon, and Fall Head Over Heels

Nine Month Contract by Amy Daws: A Romcom Gem That Will Make You Laugh, Swoon, and Fall Head Over Heels

Oh my goat, you guys - I just finished reading Nine Month Contract by Amy Daws and I am OBSESSED! This book had me laughing out loud, swooning like a teenager, and falling head over heels for the most unexpected book boyfriend. Brace yourselves, because this review is going to be a gush-fest!

The Premise

Let's start with that ridiculously fun premise: Wyatt Fletcher, a grumpy mountain man, decides he wants to be a single father through surrogacy. His meddling brothers take it upon themselves to post a joking "help wanted" ad looking for said surrogate, describing Wyatt as seeking a "baby momma" who must be "impervious to grunting" and deal with his "nosey brotherly neighbors."

Enter Trista - a free-spirit, cowboy boot-wearing, say-it-like-it-is dynamo who applies for the role. From their first meeting, the chemistry between Wyatt and Trista is electric, rife with hilarious banter and sizzling tension. The only problem? Wyatt wants a surrogate and nothing more, but being around Trista makes him crave so much more than that...

The Perfectly Imperfect Characters

The characters in this book were simply chef's kiss. Wyatt is your quintessential grumpy mountain man hero - broody, grunty, ruggedly handsome. But Daws quickly peels away his prickly exterior to reveal an unexpectedly sweet soul who adores his pet goats and deeply wants to build his own family after a tragic past. I melted for this guy!

Then we have Trista, the whirlwind heroine who crashes into Wyatt's life with her bold personality and passionate heart. She's unafraid to call out Wyatt's grumpiness, giving as good as she gets in their verbal sparring. Yet she also has this tender vulnerability that made me ache for her. Daws masterfully balances her sunshine and storms.

Despite their banter-fueled meet-cute, Wyatt and Trista have an incredible emotional connection and profound respect for each other's dreams. Wyatt sees Trista's strength while she glimpses his softer side. They have a delicious opposites-attract dynamic that provides laughs galore along with hearty swoons.

Then we have the outrageous Fletcher brothers who make stellar scene-stealers with their meddling hijinks. Family antics are a hallmark of Daws' rom-coms, and this raucous trio of brothers bring endless hilarity and heart.

Laugh-Out-Loud Moments

I cannot express enough how wickedly funny this book is! The one-liners, callbacks, and slapstick moments had me cracking up throughout. Whether it was Wyatt grunting and scowling his way through conversations, Trista calling him out with her bold mouth, or the brothers hatching wild schemes, the humour in this book is utterly chef's kiss.

A few of my favorite laugh-out-loud bits:

  • Wyatt's introduction when he's viciously battling with a mattress, only for us to realize he's just putting on sheets!

  • The infamous "you must be impervious to grunts" line from the help wanted ad

  • Any time Wyatt's goats Napoleon and Snickerdoodle made an appearance

  • The gauntlet of utterly awkward interviews Wyatt conducts to find his surrogate

  • A VERY memorable barn scene involving some suspiciously wild goat noises

Daws has mastered the rom-com craft, injecting every scene with humor and heaps of heart. I repeatedly found myself laughing until I cried then tearing up from the emotional tender moments between our leads. A truly unputdownable read!

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Heat and Heart

Speaking of tender moments, let me gush about the exquisite balance of heat and heart in this beauty! The sexy times are scorching hot, fully leaning into the breeding kink vibe in a deliciously inventive way (no details to avoid spoilers - just trust me!). Yet there's also such a deep emotional core that had me falling for Wyatt and Trista's incredible connection.

Daws tugs hard on the heartstrings, reminding us how profound the yearning for family can be. We see Wyatt's heartbreaking backstory gradually unfold, and Trista shares her own vulnerable dream to be a mother someday.


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