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Meet Cute, That Love Podcast, and RomComPods: Diving into the World of Audio Romantic Comedies

Meet Cute, That Love Podcast, and RomComPods: Diving into the World of Audio Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedies have long been a beloved source of escape, laughter, and heartwarming moments. With the rise of podcasts, it's no surprise that the rom-com genre has found a thriving new home in the audio format. In this article, we'll dive into three of the most popular romantic comedy fiction podcasts: Meet Cute, That Love Podcast, and RomComPods. Get ready to discover why these podcasts have captured the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Meet Cute: Bite-Sized Rom-Com Bliss

Meet Cute: Bite-Sized Rom-Com Bliss

Meet Cute is a podcast that understands the joy of a perfect rom-com moment distilled into its purest form. Each episode presents a new, original 15-minute audio rom-com story. Meet Cute expertly navigates a diverse range of scenarios and themes, guaranteed to evoke all the classic rom-com feels.

  • What Sets Meet Cute Apart:

  • Quick and Satisfying: The short format is ideal for a pick-me-up during a commute or a much-needed escape during a busy day.

  • Diverse and Inclusive: Meet Cute features stories with LGBTQ+ representation, various cultural backgrounds, and characters across age groups.

  • Creative and Unexpected: From fantastical setups to grounded modern-day meet-cutes, Meet Cute keeps listeners guessing but always delivers a satisfying dose of love and laughter.

  • Example Episodes to Check Out:

  • "Ice & Fire": A figure skater reunites with an old rival and sparks fly, both on and off the ice.

  • "What's the Deal with That Song?": A hilarious case of mistaken identity leads to an unlikely musical collaboration and a potential love connection.

  • "Amanda Never Cries": A woman known for her stoicism finds her life turned upside down by an accidental cat adoption and an unexpectedly charming veterinarian.

  • Where to Find Meet Cute:

  • Apple Podcasts:

  • Meet Cute Website:

That Love Podcast: Audio Rom-Coms with a Touch of Reality

That Love Podcast: Audio Rom-Coms with a Touch of Reality

That Love Podcast crafts captivating audio rom-coms that delve into the sweet, messy, and humorous aspects of love. With a library of over 35 diverse fictional series packed into short, 20-minute episodes, they are a treasure trove of romantic comedy goodness.

  • What Makes That Love Podcast Stand Out:

  • Quick and Engaging Stories: Their bite-sized episodes are ideal for fitting a delightful rom-com into your schedule.

  • Focus on Original Content: That Love Podcast showcases imaginative stories, highlighting the creativity within audio fiction.

  • Diverse and Inclusive: Their stories feature a range of characters and relationships, offering representation for many listeners.

  • Example Series to Check Out:

  • "The Office Crush": A heartwarming office romance with relatable awkwardness.

  • "Holiday Rom-Com": A festive series full of seasonal mishaps and a spark of love.

  • "Elf Control": A whimsical rom-com with a touch of the fantastical.

  • Where to Find That Love Podcast:

  • Apple Podcasts:

  • That Love Podcast Website:

RomComPods: Where Rom-Com Fans Unite

RomComPods: Where Rom-Com Fans Unite

RomComPods is a love letter to the rom-com genre. Created by two self-proclaimed rom-com enthusiasts, this podcast offers a delightful mix of original audio dramas and in-depth discussions about beloved rom-coms, both new and classic.

  • What Makes RomComPods Special:

  • Passionate Community: The hosts' genuine love for rom-coms creates a welcoming space for listeners to celebrate the genre.

  • Original Content with a Twist: Their audio dramas offer modern takes on classic rom-com tropes.

  • Insightful Discussions: Their explorations of iconic films provide fresh perspectives and spark conversation.

  • Where to Find That Love Podcast:

  • RomComPods Website:


Whether you're seeking a quick rom-com escape, deeper explorations of love within audio dramas, or a community of fellow rom-com enthusiasts, the world of romantic comedy fiction podcasts has something for everyone. Meet Cute, That Love Podcast, and RomComPods offer distinct experiences that are sure to capture your heart. So, grab your headphones, settle in, and let yourself be swept away by the laughter, the tears, and the undeniable joy of a good audio rom-com.


  • Q: I'm new to audio fiction podcasts. Where should I start?

  • A: If you want short and sweet stories, "Meet Cute" is a great starting point. If you'd like longer narratives to dive into, "That Love Podcast" has a rich collection. If discussions and analyses are your thing, begin with "RomComPods"!

  • Q: I enjoy classic rom-com tropes, but I also want inclusive stories. Which podcast should I choose?

  • A: All three podcasts offer a range of representation! "Meet Cute" is known for its diverse scenarios, and "That Love Podcast" similarly prioritizes representation in its storylines.

  • Q: Are there other great romantic comedy fiction podcasts out there?

  • A: Absolutely! This article highlights just a few of many excellent options. Podcasts like "Bad Influencer" and "Rate the RomCom" provide unique takes on the genre, and a simple online search will unveil many more.

  • Q: Can I find these podcasts on platforms other than Apple Podcasts?

  • A: Yes! Most podcasts are widely available on platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others. You can also find them directly on the websites of the individual shows.

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