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Field of Dreams: A Fictional Rom-Com Podcast Full of Banter, Twists and Heart

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Listen Up, Rom-Com Fans: Your New Favorite Podcast Obsession is Here If you live for witty romantic comedies filled with hilarious banter, simmering chemistry, and "will they or won't they" tension, get ready to fall head over heels for the new fictional podcast Fields of Dreams.

This six-part audio series has all the makings of a hit rom-com, blending quirky characters, a complicated love triangle, and razor-sharp dialogue into an addictive story that will keep listeners laughing, crying, and constantly pressing play.

Fields of Dreams centers around the relationship between Jess Lloyd and Ray Nakamura, two stubborn yet charming individuals brought together by chance. Despite their clashing personalities, Jess and Ray soon find themselves drawn to each other in ways neither expected.

Independent Woman Meets Passionate Former Athlete The podcast’s main protagonist is Jess Lloyd, a quick-witted, guarded woman struggling to overcome a troubled past. Her backstory revelas a controlling mother, absent father, and traumatic ending to what was once a promising figure skating career.

Jess uses her signature sarcasm and emotional walls as protection, fearful of letting anyone get too close. That is until she meets Ray Nakamura, a former baseball superstar looking to settle down.

Where Jess is independent, Ray is earnest. She is analytical, while he follows his heart. But Ray sees something special underneath Jess’s prickly exterior and makes it his mission to win her over, even hiring her to serve as his dating coach.

Their opposite personalities lead to funny clashes filled with pop culture zingers, but over time playful banter gives way to inside jokes and maybe even real sparks.

Complications Arise in the Quest for Love Jess and Ray’s undeniable chemistry soon clashes with their complicated histories, threatening the prospects of an idyllic rom-com ending.

Ray’s interest in mentoring a talented young baseball prospect named Diego dredges up painful memories from Jess’s childhood, driving a wedge in their burgeoning friendship.

Meanwhile, a handsome new neighbor named Morgan starts pursuing Jess, forcing Ray to confront the green-eyed monster of jealousy. As tensions mount, Jess and Ray constantly find themselves at romantic crossroads, forcing listeners to wonder – will they or won’t they end up together?

Immersive Storytelling Hooks Audiences Fields of Dreams stands out through its immersive style of fictional storytelling. The vivid characters come to life through a seamless blend of narration, authentic-sounding dialogue, and inner monologues revealing the hopes, fears, and desires of our protagonists.

Scene transitions are punctuated by subtle but powerful uses of music and ambient sounds. These audio details enhance the fictional universe without becoming overbearing. The result is an intimate listening experience that plays out like a movie in your mind.

The ballad of Jess and Ray unfolds over 6 episodes released weekly, each ending in cliffhangers that leave audiences eagerly anticipating the next chapter. The slow-burning will they/won’t they arc builds anticipation for a climactic finale. Can Jess move beyond past heartbreak? Will Ray rebound after a devastating setback threatens his chances with Jess? You’ll just have to listen.

Relatable Themes of Love and Personal Growth Fields of Dreams wraps its rom-com premise in raw emotional realism. Imperfect characters make mistakes, harbor insecurities and jealousy, and lash out at those they care about most. But they also find moments of joy in shared interests and learn to resolve conflict through open communication.

In the battle between fear and hope, passion and logic, the podcast makes a case for embracing vulnerability as the path to meaningful relationships. Jess and Ray’s quip-filled, heartfelt journey argues that even stubborn people can find what they’re looking for in each other, if they let down their walls.

Their on-again-off-again courtship speaks to the redemptive power of love and the resilience of the human spirit. Listeners will find their story both laugh-out-loud funny and powerfully cathartic.

The Perfect Rom-Com Remedy for Modern Audiences

With its blend of humor, drama, and soap opera-style twists, Fields of Dreams delivers a fictional escape tailor-made for fans of classic romantic comedies. It captures the messy complexities of modern relationships, all while retaining a sense of hope that gives the story its binge-worthy appeal.

Whether you love When Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones’s Diary, or other pop culture romantic touchstones, Fields of Dreams deserves a spot on your playlist. Its lovable yet flawed characters will win your heart while keeping you entertained chapter after chapter.

Get swept up in Jess and Ray’s story when the first episode of Fields of Dreams drops on the 4th of September on That Love Podcast. This refreshing and heartfelt rom-com podcast manages to feel both comfortingly familiar and excitingly new. Prepare to laugh, sigh, and walk away believing in the power of love to overcome anything, even a scripted podcast.

Field of Dreams premieres 4th of September on That Love Podcast.


What is Fields of Dreams about? Fields of Dreams is a fictional 6-part rom-com podcast that follows Jess and Ray, an unlikely couple who start off as matchmaking partners but soon develop real romantic feelings, leading to a humorous yet complicated relationship.

Who are the main characters? The main characters are Jess Lloyd, an independent, guarded woman with a witty sense of humor, and Ray Nakamura, a passionate former baseball star searching for love after retiring from sports.

What romance tropes does the podcast use? It utilizes classic tropes like odd couple pairing, opposites attract, love-hate dynamic, jealousy/love triangle, and will they/won't they tension.

How would you describe the storytelling style? The immersive storytelling uses vivid sensory details, dramatic inner monologues, cliffhangers, and a mix of narration, dialogue and sound effects to pull listeners into the fictional yet believable world.

What makes Fields of Dreams different from other fiction podcasts? It sets itself apart through hilarious rapid-fire banter between the stubborn but charming leads and emotional realism - flawed characters grapple with relatable conflicts and chemistry clashes with complicated backstories.

Conclusion: With its balance of lighthearted humor and raw vulnerability, Fields of Dreams promises to be a refreshing fictional podcast for rom-com fans. Tune in to get swept up in the bumpy journey of Jess and Ray finding love in spite of themselves. Their story will win over audiences through its sharp writing, immersive world, and universal themes that speak to the redemptive power of laughter, understanding, and romance.

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