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Joao Nsita

Skilled and experienced writer, producer, and director with over 10 years of experience creating compelling film, television, and podcast content. Brings passion for storytelling and ability to develop multi-layered narratives that resonate with audiences. Excels at world-building and crafting unique narrative voices. Seasoned at managing full production cycles from financing and budgeting to casting and post-production. Skilled at eliciting powerful performances and executing distinct visual styles. Driven by a love of engaging audiences and growing viewership through exceptional content.

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My Television Scripts

Engaging Content

Current (Work In Progress)

Starting Over

When a devoted father moves to London and loses custody of his kids, he desperately tries to rebuild his relationship with his estranged wife in order to be a part of his children's lives again.

The Nanny

THe Nanny - Pilot

After the mother of his disobedient son leaves him for another man, a father is forced to hire a nanny to stop his son from being unruly. However, if he fails to stop his son's poor behaviour, he'll be forced to give up his son to his mother

The Long Road Home​

The Long Road Home​

​When a divorced father gets a second chance to reconnect with his estranged daughter by reviving their beloved local football club, he must confront the mistakes of his past to win back her trust.

My Work History


  • Writing: Has written over 42 full scripted podcast series and over 75 television scripts across genres including drama, comedy, documentary, and more. Masters the craft of layered storytelling and dimensional character development. Pushes creative boundaries through imaginative narratives and immersive world-building. Establishes authentic and unique narrative voices tailored to each project. Comfortable working independently as well as collaborating with writing partners.

  • Producing: Successfully produced over 235 podcast episodes spanning advertising, trailers, and full programs. Managed every phase of production from financing, budgeting, staffing to scheduling and post-production. Built and led production teams of up to 12 people. Negotiated deals with vendors and partners. Oversaw administration, legal clearances, and delivery of final assets. Adept at problem-solving and keeping complex productions on time and on budget.

  • Directing: Directed over 135 podcast episodes. Works closely with actors in rehearsals and on set to shape nuanced performances. Creates an open and comfortable environment for actors to take risks and be vulnerable. Conveys clear vision while allowing space for inspiration and creative contributions. Implements diverse visual styles from single-cam intimacy to multi-cam energy. Excellent communication, leadership, and collaboration skills.

Story Editing:

  • Refined and elevated over 50 scripts through intensive story editing and rewriting.

  • Highly skilled at identifying weak points in narrative flow, plot holes, pacing issues, unclear character motivations, inconsistent tones, and other areas needing improvement.

  • Optimized dramatic impact and audience engagement through structural changes, enhanced character development, and punching up dialog.

  • Strengthened world building and emotive power through additions and reworking of descriptive details.

  • Collaborated with writers to elevate their vision while retaining their unique voice and perspective.

  • Enhanced stories at both macro level through structural edits and micro level through line edits.

  • Balanced big picture narrative needs with granular details to create cohesive, resonant scripts.

Audience Growth:

  • Grew That Love Podcast from zero to 120,,000+ downloads primarily through exceptional, addictive storytelling.

  • Increased listenership through grassroots marketing initiatives including social media engagement, email newsletters, and leveraging personal/professional networks.

  • Formed creative partnerships with independent media outlets and relevant organizations to expand reach.

  • Implemented SEO best practices by optimizing episode metadata to boost discoverability.

  • Analyzed listener data and feedback to inform content and growth strategies.

  • Created regular bonus content and special events to delight and retain current audience while also attracting new listeners.

  • Passionate about analytics and constantly learning; stays on the pulse of emerging audience building and platform optimization tactics.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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